Friday, 20 November 2009

BraveHeart Women

When I first read this quote by The Dali Lama I was quite intrigued. He said, "The world will be saved by the woman."

I sincerely believe that The Dali Lama is spot on regarding the powerful influence women have in our world today. We all know women who are inspiration in action which is exactly why I knew I had to share this with you...

Ellie Drake, rocked the business world in 2007 by creating the BraveHeart Women's Online Community, an innovative resource she designed to help women entrepreneurs
join together like never before in a mutual commitment to success.

Ellie told about the powerful women (Dr. Maya Angelou, Leeza Gibbons, Mariel Hemmingway, Susan Anton,and Lisa Nichols of 'The Secret' fame, just to name a few) who are part of the BraveHeart Community.

This (FREE) social networking site empowers women of all ages to discover their own voices, expand their potential, and be the change they want for themselves, their family, their community, and the world. Ellie and The Women of The BraveHeart Community have extended a special invitation to Unemployed Millionaires which I
encourage you to take advantage of right away:

BraveHeart Women Global Community

Here are a few things you will learn from The BraveHeart Community:

How ONE SIMPLE SHIFT IN YOUR AWARENESS produces astronomically more results in less time, with less effort (you'll be astonished at how productive you are with this devastatingly easy change);

How the thoughts of successful WOMEN LEADERS ARE DIFFERENT from the thoughts of average women (and how those differences play out in all personal and professional

How to banish useless energy like GUILT, SHAME and REGRET from your brain so you can stop beating yourself up (women in particular play out negative emotions over and over in their heads, which can make them feel horrible);

How to buck the PROCRASTINATION PATTERN any of us can slip into (you can't step up to being your strongest self if you can't get stuff done);

How to INSTANTLY shift your attitude to transform your personal ability to lead and inspire (moods and emotions don't have to control your destiny);

How to easily break down and dissect the steps of TRUE PERSONAL, PROFESSIONAL and GLOBAL FULFILLMENT (it's shockingly simple when it's laid out for you);

How to 'DETOX' areas of your life today so you can realize your dreams and get out of your own way (break the cycle of repeating habits that don't serve you anymore);

How to quickly discover your 'LIFE PURPOSE' and put it into action (the Braveheart Community is tailored for meaningful connections and insights);

How to easily uncover and OVERCOME BLIND SPOTS that hold you back from being your most magnificent self (all too often it is US holding ourselves back);

Please feel free to share this with any woman who is inspiration in action:

BraveHeart Women Global Community

P.S. Did I mention the cost for registering for the *BraveHeart Women Global Community* is 100% FREE of charge?

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