Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Support Homeopathy in the UK - Online Petition

I am asking you to support homeopathy in the UK by signing an online petition.

To counter the vitriolic attacks in the media and the government decision to close the homeopathic hospitals, HMC21 (Homeopathy:Medicine for the 21st Century), has published a website www.hmc21.org and a declaration that states HOMEOPATHY WORKED FOR ME (just follow the links).

Our aim is to get 250,000 signatures by next June and march them to number 10, Downing Street with the demand that the NHS honours its commitment to homeopathy as enshrined in its charter. If you have ever benefited by a homeopathic remedy, whether self-prescribed or otherwise, then you are eligible to sign. It will take you very little time and will be a great contribution to the success of this project. One form per family member please.

Please sign the online homeopathy support petition

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