Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Nick Clegg is Confirmed Deputy Prime Minister

Congratulations to David Cameron who must surely do a better job than Gordon Brown. "Goodbye Gordon" indeed.

This is a historic moment for the Lib Dems. In an ideal world we would be the government of choice but for that to happen in our lifetime, we need a fairer voting system and this will be the first step.

Nick Clegg has come from obscurity and irrelevance to the role of Deputy PM. What a wonderful achievement and one we could not have dreamed of a week ago.

Incidentally, I note with interest that Nick speaks the same languages as me: English, Dutch, French, Spanish and German. Another true European.

Not only Nick but other Lib Dems will have important roles in this coalition government. Stop back-stabbing please and give them your support.

I worked on Vince Cable’s winning campaign to take Twickenham from the Tories in 1997 so there is a personal delight for me.

As I don't live in the UK, I lost my vote. Only Brits with an address in the UK are allowed to vote for the government so in effect Brits (and Danes) are disenfranchised when working abroad. A Lib Dem MEP told me that anyone can register using a Citizens Advice Bureau address so I'll look into that.

What a historic night. Big smile on my face. :)

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John said...

So pleased to see Gordon go.

Cameron and Clegg are so much more grown up. They can't possibly do worse tha Brown and new Labour who were a disaster.