Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Social Media Training to Grow Your Business

Just over two years ago Daniel Priestely arrived in the UK with nothing more than a suitcase and a credit card. He knew less than 3 people in the whole of the UK!

Today he is one of the most talked about young entrepreneurs I know of.

The reason people talk is because he built a successful company without taking out any ads in the paper, he used no radio, no fliers and no television. In fact, he built a national business without any hard cost marketing at all.

He used two very powerful tools:
1. He pioneered some cutting edge affiliate marketing systems.
2. He became an expert in Social Media (Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, Online Networking, Etc).

With these two tools he was able to scale up very quickly. What's more, he did this before the trend really got going... as it is right now!

This year, is the year where YOUR clients are spending more time online than ever before. YOUR clients want to read about you on blogs, they want to hear about you through podcasts, they want to see your videos, they want to connect with you on Facebook and follow your Twitter.

If your not doing these things you are missing serious opportunities and you are behind the times.

If you are already doing these things then I can assure you that you could still learn some great strategies from Daniel Priestley.

I strongly suggest you attend this half day training with Daniel Priestley and get your business moving online:

Details of Daniel Priestley's YouTwitt Face in London during August 2009.

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