Wednesday, 19 November 2008

John Sergeant Withdraws from Strictly Come Dancing

John Sergeant has done the decent thing and graciously withdrawn from Strictly Come Dancing 2008.

The 64 year old BBC political commentator delighted the public with his humour and week after week, they voted to keep him in the competition. Much as we have enjoyed his participation, we have to admit that it is a dance competition and much better dancers have been eliminated simply because they found themselves in the dance-off, rather than John. Finding himself in the last 8 of 16 celebrity dancers, there was a real chance that the public could vote to keep him in right up to the final which really would make a mockery of the competition. It is primarily about dancing, not personality.

Some people have already commented that people should complain in the thousands to bring him back to the show. I think we must accept John's decision graciously.

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