Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Cut Your Fuel Costs - It's Good for the Planet

Like most people, I am feeling the pinch when it comes to car fuel prices, especially living in Europe where the pump price is about double that of the US.

Many people are looking for alternative fuel sources and especially anything which reduces fuel emissions and prevents Global Warming.

I just came across Water4Gas which can apparently double fuel economy and as it is environmentally friendly, it has to be worth looking it. The Water4Gas website tells you everything you could possibly want to know.

SAFETY FIRST: First thing you have to understand is there are NO safety hazards - this system is SAFE. Yes, pure Hydrogen that is dangerous. And it is dangerous to store it in high-pressure tanks. But this does NOT generate Hydrogen, you see, it generates HHO. The presence of Oxygen and water vapor in the system makes HHO very safe! Yes, HHO is a powerful combustible gas. But it's NOT explosive like pure Hydrogen. It does NOT need cooling and will be ignited only by the strong spark inside your engine. This has been proven by many thousands of miles of road tests in harsh weather and road conditions.

Again, this system does not generate Hydrogen; it generates HHO - and it is NOT STORED. All HHO produced gets consumed by the engine right away. Bottom line: unlike "Hydrogen Cars" this system is VERY SAFE.

Also, in stark difference than most "Hydrogen Generators" out there, this system does NOT require the use of harsh chemicals (KOH, Red Devil, Lye, Drano, etc) - use ONLY Pure Baking Soda (like Arm & Hammer) for maximum safety for the beginner and experienced mechanic alike.

The information is available in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and German.

Not only can you discover for yourself how to drastically cut your fuel costs, you can also learn how to do that for others and charge them. So if you are looking for a second income, want something which is environmentally-friendly and which lots of people want, I recommend you visit Water4Gas to find out more.

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